Custom Footer

If you do custom website design, meaning you do not use one the many CMS platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, Weebly, WiX, SquareSpace, Blogger, and many many more.

No! You or your team create every single line of code yourself.

Here are two ways to create a footer for a custom coded webpage or site.

If you use plain JavaScript you could put something like this.

<footer id=“footer”>
      var d = new Date();
      var n = d.getFullYear();
      document.getElementById(“footer”).innerHTML = ‘©’ + n + ‘ - Hollister Web Design’;

If you use one of the JavaScript Libraries such as React, you could do something like this:

import * as React from 'react';
   export const Footer = () => {
   let date:Date = new Date();
   return (

            <div className="Footer">
                <p>©{date.getFullYear()} All Rights Reserved, Hollister Web Design</p>


Of course you would replace Hollister Web Design with your name or your company name.

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