Always Have A Backup Plan!

The Importance of Backups

Always keep backups of your content, regardless if your site is on a free service account with WiX, SquareSpace, Blogger, Medium or even if you host the site on your own server. 

Sometimes I create content directly in WordPress, my data does not exist anywhere else. This is when backups are most critical in my opinion.

I schedule automatic backups to run twice a week for two of my websites. I backup not only the site but also the databases. The backups are pushed to an offsite location. I use Google Drive.

Some of my other sites I backup to my computer but will be switching these over to Google Drive in the near future.

I backup my WordPress sites in a couple of different ways. Sometimes directly from the CPanel tools.

A better way in my opinion is to use a plugin.

I recently started using UpdraftPlus – Backup/Restore. With UpdraftPlus you can schedule back ups to several different offsite locations such as Google Drive, One Drive, FTP and many more.

I have used another plugin called All-in-One WP Migration, just be aware the Free version has a size limit of around 500mb on the Zip file it creates before you need to purchase a license. Nothing wrong with All-in-One WP Migration, I still use it, but just be aware of this limitation.

If you create content outside of whatever platform you use, you can always take your content and share it on another platform more easily, you can transfer it into a digital book, an online course, another site or whatever you wish.

It is really important to do this if you use one of the Free accounts such as on Medium and WiX. What happens if your platform providers decide to terminate your account for whatever reason.

I have heard countless creators using the free versions who had their accounts terminated due to several reasons and were unable to retrieve their content. They had to start over from scratch because they created the content on the platform and did not make backups.

Please backup your data as often as possible to an offsite location, somewhere you can access it at anytime you wish.