Hi! My name is Keith Craigo

WebDev By The Bay?

WebDev By The Bay is the original name I came up with for my web design company but it eventually ended up becoming more of a nickname for me, so I am re-branding the company as Hollister Web Design.

How I became a Web Developer!

In 1999, on the Friday before Halloween, I was on my way home from work when I was rear ended by a drunk driver. I suffered several thousand fractures across my back and a broken C5 vertebrae, so a broken neck.

I spent the next 3 months in a halo device. During this time my wife got us connected to the Internet. Since all I could do really was read. I taught myself how to create web pages.

When I returned to work, my employer made the comment that the company needed a website. I mentioned that I had learned to create websites while I was out and he allowed me to create the company’s very first website. The website has since been redone by another developer but the company is called Landel Telecom.

Landel is also where I created my first mobile app. As a matter of fact it may have been one the very first in the world.

It was an app that provided company information to anyone with a mobile phone, a website for the phone.

Please keep in mind there were no smart phones back then. You had to design your apps with a technology called WAP (Wireless Access Protocol) – See Wikipedia. You created cards using the WML (Wireless Markup Language) – Wikipedia.

WML was so tedious to work with and there was not a lot of information on WAP and WML at the time. There was no such thing as Wikipedia nor YouTube back then. At the time the only resource were some documents from Nokia but none the less I thought it was cool.

Thank goodness mobile app development has come a long way since then.

Since I left Landel back in 2004, I took some formal classes at Foothill College and earned a certificate in Graphic and Interactive Design.

I briefly worked for an Educational Software company in SeaSide Ca as a Project Manager before taking a contractor position, which at the time the position was as a Webmaster, at a Corporation in Santa Clara Ca, sorry not allowed to mention their name. for their Global Security and Legal Departments.

Several years ago the corporation changed my position to Security Systems Support Specialist due to I became familiar with several different systems.

I still have the responsibilities of developing websites and apps using IIS, SharePoint, Power Apps, Power Automate,
Objective-C, Swift, Microsoft Graph, Azure Active Directory and Workday but I also provide technical and consulting support on various projects.

Hollister Web Design is my side business where I develop websites and apps for clients on the WordPress, Shopify, WiX, and Etsy platforms.

I am also a Tutorial author. I write blog posts and create YouTube videos on various technologies such as WordPress, Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate, Microsoft Graph, React, SharePoint, other O365 technologies and more.

Please see my Twitter, Instagram, Github, and YouTube if you are interested to know more.

I also run a Hollister Web Design FaceBook Page and the Hollister Web Design Facebook Group.

My hobby is singing and playing my guitar. I’m not saying I’m any good at either, listen at your own risk.

Here is my YouTube “Artist” channel for my Country music hobby.

Sad to say I’ve not put in a lot time into my 3rd YouTube channel. I started this channel to talk about various programming topics related to iOT devices.

At the time I was working on a iOS Mobile app project that was to use iBeacons but after a couple of months the company decided to go with a 3rd party vendor and took the project in completely different direction. It’s all good, at least I learned quite a bit about iBeacons.

This channel currently only contains the 1 video, this was the beginning point of my journey, it explains how to setup a Raspberry PI and Visual Studio to allow Remote Debugging over Wi-Fi

What did I do before I became a Web Developer?

I was an Engineering Technician for a company in Morgan Hill called CIDCO, the inventors of Caller ID. As a matter of fact Landel is owned by the very same Engineer who invented Caller ID.

Prior to CIDCO I worked at various other jobs. As an assembler for a gas flow controller company in San Jose.

I was a video and tape recorder technician at one time. This was at a company in Mountain View Ca that duplicated training videos and cassettes for various corporations around the world.

While working for CIDCO I was also serving in the California Army National Guard for over 6 years.

Right out of High School I served in the United States Marine Corps traveling the world to some great places, some not so much. No combat though, thanks to God!

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